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LabAdviser is a wiki that contains information about

  • equipment at DTU Danchip that covers micro and nano fabrication in the cleanroom facility in building 346 and surroundings (in building 346 and 347) and electron microscopy at DTU CEN in building 314 and surroundings.
  • fabrication steps in micro and nano fabrication that takes place at the cleanroom facility and surroundings and
  • electron microscopy methods that takes place at the DTU CEN facility.

An overview of the equipment in these facilities can be found and some fabrication process flows and singles fabrication steps are described. In general LabAdviser is meant to advise you to the right equipment and to advise you to a good starting point for your micro and nano fabrication steps as for your electron microscopy work. This should not be replacing communication with the staff of the facilities but we recommend it as a good starting point before contacting the staff. To enter LabAdviser you need to log in with your DTU login. LabAdviser is only editable for the staff of the facilities. If you need further information about certain machinery or processes, please contact the relevant staff. Any feedback or input you might have to LabAdviser is welcome and can be given by mail to the LabAdviser mailbox:

News in LabAdviser:


Overview of micro and nano fabrication steps - a guide to where you can find fabrication and characterization information in LabAdviser:

- - -
Clean your sampleJehanClean.png Dry your sample JehanDry.png Create a thin film on your sample Jehanfilm.png Dope your sample JehanDope.png
Thermal treatment of your sample JehanThermal.png Make a mask on your sampleJehanmask.png Transfer pattern to your sample JehanTransfer.png Define your structure directly Jehandefine.jpg
Bond your samples together JehanBond.png Characterize your sample JehanCharacterize.png Pack your sample JehanPack.png Process flow examples Processflow b.png

Danchip Contact Info

In order to get the quickest response to training requests, process approvals, questions etc. please use the following mailboxes to Danchip.

Mailbox link Concerning
LabAdviser Mailbox Any questions or feedback to LabAdviser.
Process flow review (should work again) More about process flow review here
Training on equipment It is our goal to answer your request regarding process flow reviews and training within 2 workdays.
E-beam training
To request training on JEOL JBX-9500FSZ or Raith ELPHY e-beam writer.
Authorization to run JEOL JBX-9500FSZ requires at least 4 training sessions. Before you request for training on this machine, study this page and have all files ready: Getting started.
Mask order/review: More about mask design here .

Order only (DeltaMask) (Subject: Mask Order Only) Note Mask will be ordered from DeltaMask. Nothing will be checked in this case. Neither mask design nor specs file. Minimal feature 1.5┬Ám.

Requires a specs file like this: (example spec file).

Review and Order (Subject: Mask Review) .
Metal wishes . .

Lesker: (Subject: Lesker Metal Wishes). - See current and future materials here: Lesker status log

Temescal/Wordentec/Physimeca: (Subject:PVD Metal Wishes) .
Tool change Laser: change of optics and
Polymer Injection Molding machine: change mold-tool
Commercial offers etc. mostly companies and external customers
Gas-related questions issues (information regarding ordering, delivery, changing etc. Mostly for internal Danchip use
All other inquiries ... or if you are in doubt

DTU Danchip Cleanroom Naming and Phone Numbers

Cleanroom naming 2017.jpg

Room number Where in the room Phone number
A-1 At III-V RIE 55 804
Ax2 At the Lesker 55 815
A-5 In the corner near the furnace/plasma asher 55 803
B-1 In the corridor 55 806
C-1 At the corridor 55 808
D-1 The entrance room 55 703
D-3 At the KOH 55 940
E-1 By the e-beam computers 55 943
E-5 By Inclined UV-lamp 55 946
E-6 Furnace 6" 55 948
F-1 III-V growth 55 949
F-2 Next to Dektak-XTA 55 941
F-3 DUV Stepper 55 947
901 Injection molder room in the basement 55 812

DTU CEN Facility and Phone Numbers

CEN building.jpg

Room number Description Phone number
314-011 Quanta FEG 56 406
314-014 Tecnai 56 407
314-033 Prep room No phone
314-034 Inspect S 56 414
314-037 Titan ETEM 56 408
314-040 Prep room (Bio) 56 413
314-042 Titan ATEM 56 409
314-060 Nova 56 412
314-061 Helios 56 411

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Micro/Nano Fabrication